Saturday, June 1, 2013

ego starter kits video on how to use,prices as well as free lifetime coupons for made in usa e-juice KNOW WHAT YOU ARE INHALING

PRICES DROPPED TO $19 to make room for our Best Seller   it for sale on Amazon as well as this site in video

WE STARTED WITH $27 EgO Starter kits but Dropped prices to $19 and started EgO-C-Twist 1100mAh Adjustable Voltage

At you now receive within USA {WE DO SHIP TO ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES & P.R.} free shipping delivered within 3-5 days + 1 CE5 clearomizer + usb Charger. We dedicated a site & pay pal account to EgO-C-Twist 1100 Adjustable Voltage due to high demand. The orders come to my Cell or my partner & your order has a tracking # within Hours and is on it's way.ALL FOR $29. HOW CAN WE SELL FOR SO LITTLE BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!! YOUR DEMAND ENABLES US TO BUY IN BULK FROM THE FACTORY. Take a look at  or .com for our other products but $19 for those items do not come close to price and items at   for the extra $10 + Free shipping you have your starter kit and the BEST PRODUCT by far! + just for visiting you can go to a Made in USA E-Juice website and receive %15-%20 off E-Juice only. In fact go now to the above website hyperlink & upon checkout place in coupon box 0602 & your bill will adjust down. 

EgO C Twist Adjustable Voltage 1100 Includes CE 5 Clearomizer + Charger + V.I.P. Code %15-%20 off these USA E-Juice Makers

We Started with & but had to add a Website just to handle the BEST SELLING EgO C Twist 1100mAh Adjustable Voltage paid through paypal & Shipped out within 24 hours*. %90 of orders are for EgO-C-Twist which includes a CE5 clearomizer + charger + Free Shipping within USA-Delivered within 3-5 Days*                               *MAIL DAYS