Sunday, March 31, 2013

Welcome To the Newest Yet Cheapest Product to Buy & Use

This Website is Offering you the Ego-T Starter Kit information on how to Purchase for only $27 in USA with 3-7 Day Delivered or Free the following. Sealed & packaged all you need hardware to get Started.I have not seen a better product nor a similiar Ego-T starter Kit for less or with this new Feature coming on to the Scene called a CLEAROMIZER. It lasts longer than an Atomizer,feels more life-like & is so simple to fill with your favorite made in the USA E-juice. No more mess or stained finger tips or constant charging that E-Cigarette that who knows what you are inhaling.The Kits are not Drop Shipped or in a Fancy box that sits in your drawer but it is sealed the package with every thing you need.I like the Battery which charges fast yet lasts all day.It also is smaller than those huge ridiculous looking one's that first came out.Instead of reading you can go view the site above & see videos & pictures on how it works then go purchase one if you want through pay pal on the -sister site     I figured out besides the life-like feel & size of a pen advantage the costs of using this new product instead of inhaling E-cigarette stuff made in Asia & those costly refills is as following. The Battery basically lasts until you break it or let us say 1 year until you loose it or throw it at something (LOL). now the clearomizer which I explained above & you can see a video of on the info site-lasts about 3-5 months-let us say 3 months.The cost on the sites above are $5-$7 each.So,let us say $5. You can purchase from a store in some states or online a BIG bottle of refill E-juice for say $14 which lasts 4-6 weeks. So for the year you will spend a Total (For a 2 pack a day smoker) less than $190. This Is not a SMOKING CESSATION PROGRAM WE ALL KNOW THIS.BUT-it does not Smell,no tar , no nicotine if you wish,No inhaling Anti-Freeze possibly, The Hardware is all CE Approved & unless you live on a Native American Reservation - I can't see how you can get a better deal & not Smell.                                      THIS IS NOT A SMOKING CESSATION PROGRAM OR APPROVED BY THE FDA.

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